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TUTIYA produces suki sauce. A spicy sukiyaki sauce, a spicy sauce, garlic sauce, which is used to add deliciousness without changing the original flavor of the food. Produced with quality raw materials.



Tutiya is a brand that searches and collects Thai products that have been selected to be of good quality. In addition to the great taste of food. It also reflects the Thai tastes expressed through our own developed products and collaborations from other brands in Thailand.

Like a drop of soy sauce with real garlic

Use as a substitute for light soy sauce or seasoning sauce

Convenient for cooking


No sour flavor

No sweet flavor

Boost spicy and hot without changing flavor of the dish

Smell of sesame oil

Rich taste

Intense and delicious


hot and spicy

Extra delicious with lemon juice

Suitable for lovers of spicy food



Good quality

We use good quality raw materials. That are carefully selected Resulting in a product that is full of quality

Clean and safe

We have an efficient production process. In order to get clean, safe and standard products

Delivery service

There is a quality and standard delivery service. The goods are delivered to the destination safely.


For information and order products.

Tel. (+66)088-128-222, 088-218-222

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