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WICKY marinated pork sauce. There are both original, garlic and pepper recipe. Just 15 minutes to make the meat soft, tongue, not yeasty, taste, no matter what menu is delicious. No preservatives added.



"Soft pork marinade" was the first since 2004 for 17 years using the main ingredient is papaya. To make enzymes from papaya to help digest protein in the meat. Softens meat faster before cooking. WICKY has 2 recipes, the original sauce and garlic and pepper.


How to use Wicky

Using WICKY pork marinade sauce will help the pork to be used in various menus, both soft and meaty. Use just one bottle to marinate into the meat to taste It doesn't take long.

Marinade before Cooking
At Least 15 minutes
1 bottle (200 g.) for 1 kg. of meat
Overnight Marinade

WICKY Products


Good quality

We use good quality raw materials. That are carefully selected Resulting in a product that is full of quality

Clean and safe

We have an efficient production process. In order to get clean, safe and standard products

Delivery service

There is a quality and standard delivery service. The goods are delivered to the destination safely.


For information and order products.

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